Monday, 25 February 2013

Wonderfully Content

  This last week has been wonderful overall. I got my Baby Love box from LittleEcoFootprints, I got my fluff from Green Baby Goods, I got my coupon for a free box of disposables (since the last box I bought so many of the diapers leaked). This was all exciting and fun. What made this week truly awesome was that it was reading week for universities so M had a week off of work (though he worked at home). Hence this was a family week for us. It was great!

       Alek would wake up in the morning and we would carry him to our bedroom for cuddles and playing. Then we would actually get up about half an hour or hour after that. I had so much more help at home and with Alek, which was very welcome. Though, I really can't complain M is wonderful with helping out!

     There really isn't anything to huge or meaningful to report other then buying a new exersaucer, which I am disappointed in. His hopefully better sleep pattern *knock on wood*. Settling into our cloth diapering routine. Oh and our little play date.

   Alek began to do 1 5 hour stretch of sleep several times ion the past week. This little bit of extra sleep has been tremendously helpful for me! I really hope it continues. I need to see how tweeking our bedtime routine (temperature, what he is wearing, time he goes to bed, which way we lie him down) makes a difference. Alek has seemed to love his newly decorated room and has been one happy lil man

    As I have mentioned we began using our cloth diapers and I am learning and tweeking/changing and settling into a routine. When to wash, whether I need an extra rinse cycle. Drying. All those wonderful things are now being learned and becoming a routine. So far the disposables have been quite frankly avoided in favour of cloth (except for night). The disposables can now be found under the "diaper table". I went to the dollar store and bought plastic box things for storage, one for prefolds and covers one for pocket diapers. Also I made room for our new creams etc. 

    Our little play date. On the weekend we went over to family friends house. They have a little girl who is about 4 weeks older then Alek. She has been cruising since 5.5 months. Yep! My jaw dropped too. It is even more crazy to see with your own eyes then it is to hear this. There is a tiny little girl who crawls over to something, pulls herself up and begins to walk around whatever item she is hanging on. So, she kept crawling over to Alek who was happily sitting in her incredible exersaucer (Evenflo- Life in the Amazon), which goes from play gym to exersaucer to table. He was doing his new favourite thing...JUMPING. He was jumping and whacking at different birds and toys that would light up and make noises. Well she hates this toy but she must have gotten jelous seeing someone in HER toy. Or maybe she was just interested that there was someone just as small as her. So she comes over and tries to touch his face, his hand. The reaction? To her? None. He wouldn't even look at her. He kept on playing. Maybe it is the fact that he is younger, but I think this is a prime example of the difference between boys and girls. Girls are interested in faces, expressions, communication. While boys are more spacial.

     Lastly. The exersaucer. Sigh. We decided to maybe move our beach one to one of the grandfather's houses. Since my dad decided to pay 1/2 for a new one with cooler toys, since the downside of the exersaucer we have is that it does not play music and he LOVES music. Also a big bonus to finally have something baby over at the other grandfathers house. I bought the Baby Einstein Neptune. A) I like Baby Einstein products. B) It was 50% off. C) It plays music and no lights that flash and can give him a headache. Well, I really don't like it. It is much smaller and I kept worrying whether it was to small for him (it isn't but the toys are kind of cramped in looking). I guess its nice that it takes up less room but it looks cheap and strangely squished together. Next, it was so much harder to put together then the Evenflo exersaucer. Plus, once you click the toy in its practically impossible to make it come out. Also the toys have a specific order you MUST put them it so you really have to make sure you don't make a mistake. Worst problem of all is that it has NO springs. What does this mean? No jumping. My son is in a jumping phase now and he can't jump in this really. Lastly, once you are done with it since the toys can't be pulled out you have to hide it with the toys still clicked in. Ughh wish I spent the extra money and got another Evenflo one. The Amazon themed one converts and "grows" with baby quite nicely.

  Anyways,this has been my week. Nothing too exciting for others to read about. It was amazing and I felt wonderfully content. Hope this week will also be great...and if it wont maybe I'll learn something new or have a lovely rant to post!

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