Sunday, 3 March 2013

Milestones Are Just a Small Step Away

The what to expect when you are expecting in the first year book is loved by some and ignored or disliked by others  One reason many dislike it is that it tends to address rare or negative situations more then the day to day things involved in raising your baby. One thing I like about the book is that each chapter begins with the milestones of the particular month. It breaks what your child is/might be doing into what they should do, what they probably do, what they may possibly do and what they may even be able to do. All children are different and this way of breaking milestones done seems very appropriate. A parent can check if their child is fulfilling various milestones but not worry because unless their child does not do something that they should already be doing. On the other hand parents can see how ahead their child is since their child may be doing something from the possible category  which does not become a should be doing item for several months! Every child is on their own learning curve and this book shows that children can be on various stages of learning.

    In the Seventh month Chapter it says that by the end of the month, your child SHOULD be able to: sit without support, feed self a cracker and razz. He can sit without support though is still learning how to get into this position by himself. He had Mum mums biscuits yesterday for the first time and did very well holding it by himself. As for this household that's really old news. Yay, all of the shoulds he has been able to do and it is not yet the end of the month.  What your child will probably be able to do: bear some weight on legs, object if you take a toy away, work to get a toy out of reach, pass a cube between hands, look for dropped object rake a raisin (uhmm have not and will not give him something this small anytime soon! I'm scared of choking he's quick to put things into his mouth), turn in the direction of voice, babble and play peek-a-boo.  Well we don't yet play peek a boo though he knows that I don't disappear if he doesn't see me. About the toys...well he grabs any toys I try to hold for him away from me and screams if I take away a toy he likes so yep he definitely fulfills those milestones. Next, a child may possibly stand holding onto something. This he is not yet able to do. I have to hold him but for short periods of time he can stand if I only hold both of his HANDS. This is something new and he was not able to do this a few weeks ago. A month ago he couldn't hold his weight on his feet more then a few moments so he has greatly improved in this! For these last category I wont go into detail for  each listed item but will rather name what he can do. Lastly, a child may even be able to: pull up to standing, get into a sitting position from stomach, play patty-cake, wave bye bye, pick up a tiny object with thumb and finger, cruise (walk holding onto objects) or say mama and dada. I find it reassuring to pull out a book (not necessarily this one), or open a site and look at the list of milestones and see if he is meeting them. If you have a preemie this may be stressful and probably should be avoided since preemies should meet these milestones at their gestational (adjusted) age not their real age, since they will be behind in milestones for as long as two years (though they may not be behind).

      I said I will mention what Alek can now do from the above list as well as other new and interesting discoveries. This week Alek has crawled a few steps forward for the first time. He is able to hold his weight on his legs as I hold his hands. He says mama even if he doesn't know what it means he  still says it and it warms my heart. He has got to a sitting position from lying on his stomach several times. One night he was up so much that I slept 2.5-3 hours in small spurts well that morning was the first time he said mama and not just mamamamama it warmed my heart and I forgot the night before instantly (but not fully, was exhausted by 9!). He reaches to hold a cup and his own spoon and has fed himself banana puree that I would add to the spoon for him. He even drank out of a cup like a big boy! He reaches for his toys, tries to scoot and pull towards them. Lately it feels like he's learning by the minute, new skills crop up practically each day while other skills get honed. Skills used to be developed slower. This age is so exciting!

    It is the most exhilarating thing to watch your child learn and grow. I cannot imagine anything more exciting. Your child literally grows before your eyes. Watching them grow is such an emotional experience. I am so happy and excited for every little new skill, sound and movement. Though it also makes me realise how fast time is flying. I feel like I really cannot remember the newborn days anymore. I cannot imagine his being inside a size 1 diaper. Or fitting in newborn clothing. I cannot imagine him lying still for a diaper change. I cannot remember him not being able to pick his head up well during tummy time. The list goes on. The memories seem to move aside for new memories. I mean I REMEMBER things but kind of blurry and without as much detail. I worry he isn't yet standing holding onto something even though I KNOW it is too early. I guess it is just in a parents nature to always worry, hope and dream for your child.

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