Friday, 14 June 2013

News to Suit your Baby Goods Wants/Needs

     So I havent written in a while. A long while. Shame on me. But I haven't been wasting time, I've had some stuff up my sleeve. Its been a busy time. Finally I can announce one of the exciting news. What could it be? It's baby related. Hmm. Okay I wont waste your time I'll just announce.

       We have opened an Eco Baby Goods online store. Yay! It's called FluffSuits and you should check it out and tell me what you think, We actually opened TODAY. I still have a lot of merchandise coming in so it's very hectic and exciting. Right now we are short on fluff but thats not for long, we have a Geffen Baby shipment coming in in under a week. We also have Sweet Pea Diaper products arriving and Smart Bottoms.

  Will we only have cloth diapers in the store? Nope. We have Moby carriers, baby bath products from Balm Baby and Gaia, natural baby teething and health remedies, Woombies, rash creams from my all time favourite brand Balm Baby! and so on. We also have a little something for pregnant ladies as well as for post-partum and just because.

      If you have any questions about cloth diapering, about the products or any other inquiries please feel free to email us (you can find the email on our Contact Us page). Also for your convenience there are pages to help you start cloth diapering (Cloth Diapering 101), information about Shipping, payment instructions and tax information along the left side.