Friday, 18 October 2013


      I was given the amazing opportunity to review a Drammydroopers AI2 cloth diaper. My opinions are honest and my own and have not been influenced. I was very excited to find out that I would get to review a diaper from this brand. I had seen how adorable their prints are and was super excited. Drammydroopers has a HUGE variety of diaper prints and materials to choose from, each print cuter then the last, as well as a choice for custom orders and other products.

    I opened the package as if it was Christmas (by the way I must say how quick the package arrived and lay around waiting for my arrival back from vacation). I recieved one Baby Dino Diaper made with thick, soft and warm suedecloth inside, I also recieved a bamboo insert and an additional microfiber and sherpa insert to review. I was surprised to see the additional insert and was very interested in trying out the microfiber/sherpa blend. I never tried an insert with sherpa and had never seen them sold before either.  I really like natural fibers so the bamboo insert was something I was super happy to get to try. I do not have extensive experience with bamboo, having only tried one doubler with bamboo before but having heard great things about bamboo.

    The Drammydroopers AI2 Baby Dino Print:

The Smallest Touchtape Setting (not the smallest rise)

The Largest Setting

      This diaper is designed to fit from 10-35 lbs. Most Diapers claim to fit 8-35 lbs but a 8 pound newborn can't fit in the AIOs which are meant for bigger babies (even if they only weigh 8 pounds).This diapers weight limits seem more trueto their promise. The diaper  on the smallest setting is slightly bigger then some diapers such as the Charlie Banana AIO. Yet this diaper also is bigger on the largest setting then many diaper choices making me believe that it would fit my son until he becomes 35 lbs. Below you can see a picture of him wearing the diaper, my son weighs approximately 22 pounds and is 77.5 cm in this picture and this diaper is only around the medium setting with much space to grow.

    Another aspect I really loved is that it is not as high rise as some of the other diaper choices we have tried out. This is diaper is on the highest rise setting in the picture. I prefer when possible to use this setting so that the diaper is less bulky and I like that it is at a comfortable height with room for growth.

  My favourite feature in most AI2s is the option to use it as an AI2 or as a pocket if I wish. I love that this diaper has this option. Another bonus of any diaper that can be used as a pocket diaper is having a wide opening to place the inserts. I HATE cramming my hand with an insert into a small opening and trying to straigten it out. This diaper has a very large opening similar to those is Kawaii diapers allowing even those with really big hands to easily stuff an insert inside!

The Bamboo Insert
The Sherpa and Microfiber Insert

See how big the opening is, also amazing that it doesn't get narrow in the middle so that stuffing isn't a big chore! (P.S. Check out how soft the inside is!!!)

     So let's get down to how the diaper performed. After prepping the diaper came out looking great. I worried since the outer part of the diaper feels less "plasticky" PUL-like then most diapers, that the colour would fade faster. The  colour like in any diaper gets a bit less bright after many washes but as you see in the pictures just above the colours are still beautiful and bright looking after almost 2 months of use! One tip I have about washing this diaper is to make sure the touch tape on other diapers is done up well because they all seem to gravitate towards my poor sherpa/microfiber insert. Although I can say the insert stands its ground and hasn't gotten ruined from the constant "attacks", it has held up and looks great.

        (P.S I was so excited about trying out this diaper that it was used in my son's cake smash photo shoot. I realised too late that the cake was a real raspberry mousse and got scared the diaper would not get clean. It washed as if no berry ever touched it!)

     The diaper has a touch tape closure. Touch tape allows faster diaper changes and is very convinient. The downside is that the touch tape/hook and loop and most diapers becomes weak relatively quickly. Some diapers have bad hook and loop closures to begin with! One of the many things I was excited about with this diaper is that the touch tape appeared very sturdy and good quality. Looks were NOT decieving. This touch tape holds strong and is slightly less easy for your busy toddler to take off. After many washes I worried about the black touch tape getting white pieces of fluff and looking "worn". Well 2 months later and it still looks great....actually I'll be quite honest, it looks and preforms better then most of my other hook and loop diapers!

     If you have read my blog, you know I have mentioned various times that my son has very sensitive skin. I have been cloth diapering for 8 and a bit months now and it still drives me nuts when I see red lines from the cloth diapers "cutting in". Cloth unlike disposables usually leaves a soft red indent but some leave very deep red welts (but then the diaper is usually a bad fit). I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this diaper doesn't even usually leave the slight pinkish indents. Its as if he had been in a disposable in this regard, since disposables dont tend to leave any marks.

No red marks and great seal and fit around the legs (No red marks does NOT mean leaks and blow outs!)

I love the fit

   Last but not least, the absorbency. How absorbent is this diaper? Well any diaper is as absorbent as the choice of insert(s) inside so lets start with the bamboo insert. While I write this it must be kept in mind that my son is a heavy wetter so if your child is not, the diapers can hold up even longer. Also keep in mind that because of my son's senstive skin I change his diaper every 2 hours no matter what so that he doesn't get a rash. The bamboo insert was very thin and I worried about its absorbency. The bamboo insert can hold up on its own about 1.5 hours for my son. So this would not be my number one choice of insert just because my son wets through such a thin insert in under 2 hours. Now the sherpa/microfiber insert not only holds up the 2 hours but is often now even close to its maximum capacity. Now if you stuff one of the inserts and snap on another this option can hold up a great deal of time, for long naps or car rides or the like. Also both of these inserts are quite slim allowing the diaper not to appear very bulky.

    Overall, this diaper is one of my favourites in my diaper stash. To begin with I love showing it off because it is just too cute! But the performance is also amazing. Every diaper has pros and cons but this diapers pros just majorly outweigh the cons in my book. You should check out Drammydroopers shop and take a look at the various options. There is a print, material and price to meet your expectations and you won't be disappointed with this product!