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    When I was completing my registry whilst still pregnant and never having taken care of an infant, I was to say it lightly ...lost. Who could have known there were SO many options and so many things that a child THAT small could possibly need. I have a wonderful sister who has 3 children, the youngest being almost 6 at that point but I didn't want to bother her with this and when she had her children she didn't seem to sweat it or ask anyone for help. She figured things out herself. I could too right? Well my eyes seemed to run all over the place. Some things I couldn't figure out what they were, some I could but there was such a large choice; how do you know which item is better. Which item gets you what you are looking for and is price effective? Some people have a large budget for buying baby items, some don't. So I began researching. Friends, family , customer reviews and ladies on forums graciously offered advice and information. Although  every person is different and may need or like different things depending on what type of mother/person/ style of parenting they are or choose. Well I bought what I thought I needed and felt great each time I found a deal.

     Time has flown by and now I have a 7 month old. (WAIT how did that happen - still makes my head spin when I think about it). No one knows everything and everyone is different so it is still impossible for me to tell anyone all of the items someone will or will not need but I do feel as though I now have slightly more insight on infant items then I did when pregnant for the first time. Below I will write a "registry" or rather a list of baby items and I will put them in categories of  items that are: needed, will need later, baby preference,for mom's comfort and not needed  . Been there Done that moms chip in and feel free to comment on what you feel could be added or possibly taken away from the list. Warning: I am not a  minimalist with baby things.its nice trying to avoid as many of these purchases as possible.

I think it is inevitable as a first time mom that you waste some or sometimes a lot of money. You cannot always guess how fast your child will grow or what they will like. Also you buy some seemingly necessary items that everyone else uses but you do no (for example baby bowls or baby towels or a highchair). I'm just hoping that this stuff may possibly be used somehow later on. It is very hard not to shop for baby stuff but its really best just to buy items right before baby hits the milestone or a age for the item. For example the exersaucer and highchair can wait until baby is at least 4 months. Clothing especially should not be bought ages in advance (at least the majority). My son is now wearing age 18 month clothing and I had thought it would be summer when he wore this size so there are many t shirts and overall that hopefully will get some use. Also a helpful tip, keep receipt for all things baby, you may need to return something later that you thought your baby just had to have or that your baby outgrew before using.


1 )A place for baby to sleep  (try to figure out whether you want to co-sleep, use a bassinet type sleep place for baby near your bed or if you want baby to go in their crib from day one (you need a NEW sturdy non soft  crib mattress). Keep in mind that baby may decide you choice of sleep arrangement was just WRONG and you may just have to adjust your decision. I had a jolly jumper Moses basket which I found to be priceless. I could put in on the rocking stand at night and if baby woke up I sometimes could just rock the stand from a lying position and he would fall back asleep! Also I could carry the Moses basket from room to room so he could sleep in whichever room I was in.---->Sheets for the bedding - you will need 2-3  because spit up and ...little explosions do happen. ( Always keep in mind SIDS recommendations )

2) Feeding: Keeping in mind what you want to feed baby you may need bottles and formula and other bottle feeding supplies , if you are breastfeeding you may still need bottles just in case but you may need a breast pump (manual or not really depends on whether you will need to use it often, if you plan to exclusively pump you need a GOOD double electric pump or a hospital grade pump. I on the other hand only needed a pump to reduce engorgement so my manual pump was enough for me). Also for breast-feeders you are probably going to NEED lansinoh nipple cream to soothe soreness or cracks. Also you will probably need breast pads whether re-usable or not.

3) Diapers , wipes, petroleum jelly/diaper rash cream- You may cloth diaper or use disposables but your going to need to have some kind of diaper and wipes. Buy different brands to try out because one diaper may not work for your child. (if you have lots of leakage or irritation or diaper rash try a different diaper out). You won`t need to many diapers in sizes NB, 1 or 2 but size 3 you will need a lot of. Another MUST is petroleum jelly or diaper rash cream/oil or both (or pure coconut oil is great!). (From store brands Penatan is okay my husband likes sudacrem and I really like aveeno because of the casing and texture of the cream, but all of these are worse in my opinion then balms like THE BALM! Diaper rash cream which is made without toxins and helps with other things like healing wounds/scratches etc.)

4) Stroller and Car seat- These are  very preferential items. If you do not  want a bulky stroller and don't take long walks with baby a snap and go frame may be all you need before the umbrella stroller. Technically if you don't have a car you don't need a car seat and if you babyswear you only need a carrier or sling or both and then you don't even NEED the stroller.

5) Activity chair - A bouncer, rocker or swing is a MUST. You only really need one of the above. Though make sure if you only have a swing it is portable so you can move baby room to room  and get things done whether it is showering, vacuuming or cooking. You CANNOT carry your baby around on your arms day in and day out. These things are saviors.

6) Activity gym- most babies love these and they are so versatile. These gyms are great for back play  tummy time and later can just be used as a mat that baby can sit on with their toys. I love mine! I bought a baby Einstein one.  Baby Einstein has two types of the activity gym that I have seen and both are great and play classical music and have colourful mats and interesting toys. Mine is the caterpillar one and I believe it has more ``educational`` toys while the other mat has a few prettier and more plush like toys. If you want to buy one of these they are kind of pricey so maybe waiting for a sale is a good idea.

7) diaper bag? A changing pad is included inside diaper bags  Also you can technically just use a big purse and just buy a waterproof portable changing pad.

 8) Receiving blankets- These things ROCK! Receiving blankets don't have to be used just as blankets: they can be burp cloths (I believe my burp cloths were a waste of money), they can be used to cover baby in chilly weather, they can be used as a breast feeding cover, they can be used to wipe up spit up/drool, they can also as a changing mat, they can be a clean place to put baby down and the list seems to go on. I have about 10 or so but sometimes I wish I had more!

9) Blankets - Needed for outside when it is chilly or downright cold (but you only need about 2-3).

 10) Baby clothing- I wont really suggest anything  because everyone has preferences on how to clothe baby, for example I only use sleepers for bedtime. Onesies  are necessary and great ----->Snowsuit- if there is a 4 season climate where you live  you need a snowsuit, one that unzips as low as possible at least until the hips or lower and preferably 2 zippers so that the opening is bigger and one person can bundle baby up easily. Also keep in mind that each brand has their own sizing so that you may need newborn in one item but 0-3m in another brand.

11) Sleep sacks/ Grosacs- Loose blankets are a SIDS risk (again look at the above SIDS link), but just like you baby may need a blanket and these are awesome.

 12) Thermometer- Just in case have one in your first aid kit.

13) Acetaminophen- Good to have on hand in case of emergency because if you do need it you wont want to  run to the store for it.

 14) Vit D drops- They are concentrated hence so much easier to get baby to take.

15) Nasal aspirator- Many of these are not great and babies hate them. I was recommended a Nose Frida ( mine has just come in the mail and I have not yet really tried it out so should not yet comment on it).

16) Lotion- To prevent redness and dry skin. (Personally I dont like like Johnson and Johnsons lotion because it has a very strong scent but their bath and shampoo I like)(LOVE li'l goats milk lotion!!!)

17) Grooming set- Hairbrush, something to cut/clip babies nails- personally the baby safe clippers and scissors dont do much so I use adult nail scissors

18) Bath supplies - Wash cloths are necessary, have many on hand just in case especially if you have a boy you may need to use them during diaper changes as well. Baby bath soap is also needed. Hooded bath towels  are a pkus but really you don't NEED to buy special towels

19) Baby bathtub- One with the mesh for a newborn is awesome and makes life much easier. The fold away ones I don't recommend they leak easily.

20) Books- Most don't put this on their list but read to your children, show them pictures. Children enjoy being read to and often respond and begin to babble or smile or show interest and the more you communicate with baby the better.

                                    Will Need Later

1) Baby monitor - When baby sleeps in a separate room you may need one especially if you have a large house (If they do straight away then you need the monitor straight away). You don't NEED an extremely fancy one but sometimes something like a video monitor gives peace of mind.

2) Safety equipment - This can be purchased later when baby becomes mobile

3) Umbrella stroller- Approximately 6 months and up

4) Convertible car seat

5) Feeding utensils and supplies- After starting solids I have noticed I dont use the plastic bowls all to much for purees and prefer regular bowls, especcially since they are not holding them but instead you are. Hence many of these may not need to be bought, one is good enough!!! Also personally I blought many sippy cups and now just carefully give him water in a regular cup.

6) High chair- This is useful when baby starts eating solids, but is nice to have a little earlier so baby gets used to it, also then baby can participates in family dinner even though he hasn't started solids yet. A cheaper option to the highchair is one of those portable baby chairs that attach to a regular chair. Also keep in mind when buying a chair how easy it will be to clean it, hence some materials like cotton may not be the best.

7) Teethers- At least one is needed, although some children don't use teethers and just suck/gnaw on their/others hands or prefer wet cloths or something else.If your buying a teether then just like thousands of other people I'll recommend SOPHIE the giraffe. Alek isn't a big fan of teethers but he likes his sophie. These will be needed when teething begins and you never know when that'll happen so from about 3 months its good to at least have 1 teether at home.

                                 Preference for Baby

1) Swaddling blankets

 2) White  noise machines- Some babies like them.

3) Humidifiers- May be needed depending what climate you live in.

4) Things to help prevent or stop pain due to gas- Examples: Gripe water or Oval. My doctor said these don`t actually help more than comforting techniques like cuddling and rocking. Some people swear by these items, I on the other hand saw no magical effects though it was nice to feel as though I was ``doing something``

 5) Pacifiers- Your baby may or may not take them so don't buy too many.

6) Bibs - cloth ones for drool and spit up and later on you will need plastic type ones for when baby begins solids. My son didn't really need drool too much and I discovered I had too many but some are definitely needed. Cloth ones probably are a waste to buy straight away since many baby outfits come with cloth bibs and if you feel you need more, these can easily be bought later on.

7) Carrier- My son hated them. In the sling he would arch himself and scream so he has never even sat in it and the carriers that look like backpacks where the baby faces in  or out  he  could stand only about 30 minutes in  them hence for me it was a waste of money. Other children LOVE them, my neighbors daughter just about lived in  her sling so you never know.

8) Toys - Do not buy too many your child can be entertained with just several and people usually buy many toys for your child so don't place to much focus on this. Also see what your baby likes first, or else there may just be many toys lying around that are ignored. Great toys that are a good alternative to plastic are wood! Look into handmade wooden toys, cars, cubes etc.

9) Mobile- Not all babies can fall asleep to these it may be too entertaining for them.

                                   Comfort for Mom

1) Sterilizer - This is not a necessity but if you are bottlefeeding it may be very helpful.  I got an electric sterilizer but  I would not spend $100 of my own money on it, thank you SIL.

 2) Changing table and changing pad (sheets)- Not everyone likes these so it is not necessary but i love having a diaper changing area with everything plus extras on hand in case something runs out.

3)Breastfeeding pillow- Normal pillows can be used instead.

 4) Glider and ottoman

5) Pac'n'Play- It is great instead of a bassinet for sleeping when baby is very small some of these pac'n'plays also have a diaper changing thing so you have a place at hand to change diapers. Later your child may like lying or sitting inside and  its a safe place to leave your child to play.

 6) Exersaucer or the standing/sitting activity centers - At one point probably around 4-5 months your baby will begin to love standing or sitting and you wont/cant always hold them up yourself.

                                          Do Not Need

1) Scratch mitts- A bit useless since they can take them off and they are usually really warm. I find its best if there is just a part on sleepers that you can flip over their fingers, plus its cheaper.

2) Jeans- Until they are about 6 months you don't really want to pull them on a squirming baby and they don't really want to be in them.

3) Infant bedding sets- These are useless, they have bumpers and blankets one of which shouldn't be used and one of which cant for a while to come and these sets are expensive. Buying a crib skirt and sheets separately is much better.

4) diaper pail system - Personally I think they are a waste. My SIL complains that the new ones are not good enough to keep the smell away and I just believe you can use a ordinary garbage and save money and your time.

5) Waterproof Mattress Pads- I found them to be useless since most mattresses now are waterproof so even if there was an accident you could just wipe down the mattress until it is dry. Also it is hard to put the sheets on without moving the mattress pad and making it bulky for the baby

6) Bottle warmers - May be easier then boiling water but not at all necessary, especially if you don't exclusively bottle feed

7) Wipe Warmers- They are a waste of money, I never bought one but EVERY single person has told me this.

8) Doorway Jumperoo-  This is useless if you have a jumperoo type exersaucer. Also keep in mind that if your baby is getting up in weight its not a good idea for him to be in it long at all. My son is in the 90th percentile for weight and I was told he can use it for approximately 5-10 minutes a day (by a doctor).

9)Baby shoes or slippers, booties - USELESS

10)Baby food processors like the Baby Bullet etc. - If you are making your own baby food these are useless if you already have a food processor just use the one you have!

11) Bath toys- Something like plastic cups are just as fun for a while.

12) Children's pillows or wedges

13) Outfits- Don`t buy baby outfits even if tempted, people will buy you many of these and they aren't as useful as simple items like onsies, cotton pants, sleepers etc.

14) Pee pee tee pees- These are for boys so that they don`t pee the person changing their diaper...well a washcloth works just as well and 1-6 do not cost $10 and up

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  1. Seems like a very well thought-out and organized list. I especially like the list of "Do Not Need" items -- it's so easy to get carried away and wind up spending money on things that aren't necessary.