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Green Baby Goods - Going Just a Tad Green

   So for my birthday present, yet again, I decided to order something not for myself but for another family member. Last year the cat got a wonderful scratch stand toy thingamajig. This year Alek got some surprises. I searched and searched online for a good cloth diaper, organic, natural store. There are great ones in the U.S. The Canadian stores are more expensive and unfortunately do not always carry the same items. Even the American stores cannot always ship every brand to Canada. I was on the hunt for a Flip Day pack, Kawaii Goodnights and some prefolds. Also I wanted an organic diaper cream/balm without petrochemicals and other nasty additives (Ewww read about the junk added to creams- wish I hadn't read about it but so glad I did!). Anyways, I searched and searched. Looking for great reward possibilities, pricing, shipping options and prices, samples, products and product reviews. I finally found the store I would order from, even if they did not carry the Flip Day Pack they carried amazing products, had great products and wonderful deals!

     The online store that I am talking about is Green Baby Goods, the link is . The store specializes in natural, organic and green products and attempts to "help stomp out our carbon footprint." The owner is Erica Filson a mom of two boys, whom she cloth diapered! She is located in Leo, IN and you can set up an appointment with her to learn more about cloth diapering. "She is in the process of creating tutorials as well as information gatherings for those wanting to know about cloth diapering, breastfeeding or baby wearing. For those interested you can click the "Contact Us" tab on the left hand side on the store's website. 

Some of the great things this online store has to offer: point reward system, great prices, great products, quick and helpful customer service, deals of the day, give me 10 deal, free lip balm if you spend $50, layaway, explanation of cloth diapering systems, samples, free shipping after $25 for US residents and after $50 for Canadian residents and much much more. 

   A little bit about the above mentioned things the store has to offer: 
- I had a problem with the checkout not giving me free shipping and I got a response and help quickly.I have never gotten such quick and wonderful customer service before. 
- For each item you buy you get point you can later redeem and get items such as diapers, balms, laundry detergent and more!
- For every $50 you spend you can get a gift card code with $10 to spend in store
- With your purchase you get one sample (for example a Grandma Els Cloth Diaper Cream sample)
- If the price is too much to spend all at once you can buy it on layaway giving you up to 3 months to pay the sum in portions.
- Free vegan lip balm on purchases over $49
- Fast shipping 
- Each day there is a new deal, sometimes 21% off sometimes 29% etc. these are great times to buy a diaper you have your eye on.

Now for the review of the products I ordered:

1) Sweet Pea Flushable Liners
   I have not tried these out yet because I began with the other roll of liners I purchased. These are also 100 sheets in a roll and these liners cost $7.50. I love that when they were shipped they were placed inside of the wet bag to keep them clean. They appear about the same thickness as the other roll of liners and I'm guessing are just as good though as a beginner in cloth diapering I cannot exactly give the same type of review or know the same nuances as the experts!

2)Little Comfort Viscose Flushable Liners

     These liners are made out of 100% viscose rayon. They can be flushed in the toilet and are biodegradable  A roll of 100 costs 7.98. These are the liners I began with. I never used liners before and really as I have mentioned have been actually cloth diapering a whopping 1 1/2 days before I got these liners in! My first reaction: why is the diaper still getting stained? Then I realized how this system works. The liners catch the waste but some poop still seeps through, the benefit is that you don't have to dunk your diaper or hose it down after use, you can just put it in the washing machine. This makes sense because the liners looked very thin, kind of like dryer sheets!

3) Thirsties Booty Luster

   I need to give this American made product more time. I love that it is made without petrochemicals, parfum or other stuff added into baby products and wipes. This product is natural and uses ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera and other non toxic flower and plant based resins. The smell is not overpowering but herbal. This product is used with cloth diaper wipes. You spray some of the booty luster on babies bum and wipe. Simple to use. This may be less ounces/grams of product for the same amount of money as some other products in which you mix your own solution but this is more convenient  The work is done for you and it already comes in a spray bottle. I have tried it several times. I think I wasn`t using enough  at first because it was not wiping everything as clean as I would have liked but now there is no such problem.

4)GroovyCheeks Wetbag

My first reaction when I saw this was: it's so small. I felt confused. Well my reaction was wrong. This "blueberry"  coloured wet bag is very stretchy and does indeed fit a nice amount of diapers. Right now the wetbag is holding 2 diapers, two very large inserts and there is space for for at least several more diapers and inserts. The fact that it is an elastic drawstring probably allows for more diaper space. Wetbags are great for soiled cloth diapers, swimming suits, wet clothing or other soiled and wet items because they hold the damp items without leaking. This bag was definitely worth the $7.50 I paid.

5)2 Kawaii One Size Goodnight Heavy Wetters diapers

    I purchased 6 Kawaii HD2's before these Kawaii Goodnights and they had arrived a day ahead of this shipment (though were ordered much earlier). Alek wore them all day instead of disposables and I was  impressed especially after my only cloth diapering experience being a cute Dr. Suess Bumkins diaper, which was quite sub-par.  Meanwhile  reviews for these diapers are even more positive then for HD2's. After washing them the inserts fluffed up real big, which was very reassuring to me that it would keep my heavy wetter dry. Also the  inside lining of the diaper was super soft, it is made from micro fleece and is nice to the touch.  Kawaii makes amazingly absorbent inserts and Kawaii diapers each come with two inserts, one insert is used during the day and two for nighttime. All reviews seem to mention this diaper as being one of only few good enough for all night use. I used one during the day and it holds up well for 2-3 hours and Alek is fully dry and not lying in a damp diaper, this is awesome for eliminating diaper rash and redness (one of my main reasons for switching from disposables). These diapers are a 2 part cloth diapering system made with a waterproof outer layer. "Extra protection against leaking cloth diaper, featured 3 layer outer shell, specifically designed for confident nighttime protection...Fits babies 8-36 lbs. An easy clean surface with animal print introduces animals to  your little ones, cute and trendy dotty and cow prints, perfect match with your outfit!" The cover/outer layer is created from (TPU) thermoplastic Polyurethane Laminated fabric. Another great thing is that the pocket opening is really large making it easier to stuff even 2 inserts inside. The materials are environmentally friendly and the microfleece fabric used is 40x more absorbent than cotton and yet  is also less bulky then cotton would be!

6)3 Sweet Pea Prefolds

    I have set my mind to learning how to use these. My first attempt was quite frankly hilarious and my poor child was lying in a bulky diaper with a prefold sticking out of each opening in the cover. This is not the fault of the prefold it is mine. To add to this issue I also ordered the "baby size" when I should have ordered a size smaller since I don't want to use pins or fasteners. This diapering system (prefolds)  are more difficult to use compared to other systems (AIO, AI2, pockets, fitteds) but apparently become very easy to use when you get used to them. The second and third time I used the prefolds they were already all normally contained within the cover and I felt like I did a better job but this is much more difficult and less absorbent then the  Kawaii pocket diapers. Then again these prefolds are much more absorbent then I expected them to be. A big benefit to prefolds is that they are cheaper then most other cloth diapering systems. For example this prefold is $2.50-4 and the Kawaii cover was $5.95.

7)2 Kawaii Baby Happy Leak Free O/S Snap Diaper Covers

     I bought one regular dark blue and one minky tiger print. The minky is beyond soft and plush feeling. When Alek got a handful of it before I put it on he kept touching the cover. It is made without latex to avoid skin irritation. It did not wet through when used with the Sweet Pea Prefold. The snaps allow for babies between 8-36lbs to use the same cover. Also, the cover can be reused unless it was soiled through the prefold or fitted diaper. I like it but I still need to get the hang of prefolds fitting inside the covers properly!

(It looks a little bulky because the prefold inside is a little big on him)

8) Natural Vegan  Lip Balm (Summer Peach)

     I got this item free since my order was over $49. The lip balm is not made with beeswax like many others. The balm is not tested on animals and comes in standards tubes made out of post consumer recycled plastic (why not help the environment when we can?). Ingredients include but are not limited to: avocado and coconut oil, caster oil and caranuba wax. I wasn't too excited about this item until it arrived and I gave it a shot. My lips felt fabulous after this balm. It is winter and really dry and cold weather. In this type of weather anyone's lips get chapped and even sometimes bleed. This balm is different then most other balms. It feels like it gives a nice thick coat when you put it on. It stays on the lips well and doesn't just absorb/dry out or rub off on other things like your coffee mug quickly. Next thing you know your lips are actually so soft again and feel great.

9) Kawaii Baby Training Pants

   These are ideal for potty training when a child has less frequent accidents. It pulls up like underwear and helps them recognize when they wet their pants. It is thicker then underwear but is not like a diaper.  The outer layer is TPU fabric, which is lightweight and breathable, meanwhile the inner layer is absorbent suede cloth with 3 layers of cotton padding. I wont be trying this item for at least 6 months, so I cannot give much first hand knowledge. I cannot say anything about how absorbent or comfortable it is for a toddler. It looks bulky though, thinner then a cloth diaper but much thicker then underwear. The jean design is adorable. I'm not sure how good it would train a child not to have accidents because it sounds and looks very absorbent and thick.

10)THE BALM! Diaper balm/1st Aid

    Loving this Hawaiian made baby balm so far. It is a natural greenish/brown muddy kind of colour and appears as if it has seeds. Some of the ingredients include: olive, coconut and macadamia nut oil, chamomile, rosemary, candelilla wax and st. john's wort. This balm has many uses and claims to help with diaper rash, bug bites, eczema, post-partum "owies", cuts, hemorrhoids  dry hands and so on and on. It strongly of chamomile and gives the feeling that one has entered an apothecary. It goes on smoothly. Its cloth diaper safe. And I don't know what else to say I just really like it!

11)Punkin Butt Solid Bottom Balm Pocket Sized

   Whats great about this diaper balm is that it comes in a twist container like a lip balm so you can fight against diaper rash without getting your hands dirty. This balm can also be used not only on rashes and skin irritations, but scrapes and cuts. This balm moisturizes and soothes little ones skin. This antimicrobial and antibacterial balm is made with natural ingredients such as rosehip oil, olive, oil and shea butter. I haven't tried it enough to say how it works for redness. What I can say it spreads easily and would be great in the diaper bag for diaper changes on the go. The scent that I smell is lavender, but it is not a very strong smell (especially compared to THE BALM!. It is a thicker texture then THE BALM! probably because of the beeswax. Overall, it is a great choice of diaper cream.

12) Gandma Els Diaper Cream sample

   I have not tried this out but this cream seems extremely popular so I bet its pretty good. I didn't want to try to many creams in the same week especially since we tried the Gaia cream from The Baby Love Box from LittleEcoFootprints as well.

  I am very pleased with the products, service and deals from Green Baby Goods and will be shopping here in the future!

P.S when I get some more photos of my little man in his fluff I may post some up :D

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