Monday, 18 February 2013

Adding a Splash of Child(ness)

  So in yesterdays post I said we decorated his room for his 6 month birthday. We moved when Alek was 4 1/2 months. Since then he lived in a room with bare walls. The only baby things were his diaper changing stuff on a desk, his bed and the chair I use when I feed him (well a few stuffed toys too). We decided to make the room more child friendly. 

   His bed was placed haphazardly in a bad position in the room and we learned that it fits where we had originally wanted to place his bed but thought it would not fit. Next I went to Zellers and because of the closing sales I got 2 rather large children s carpets for $11 a piece. Love these carpets. The floors all over the house are hardwood and we have a dog and cat so we need a baby friendly clean place where Alek can sit, crawl and play. When he gets older he can play with his toy cars on this carpet since there are "roads" that he can lead the cars around on. 

    Next, the walls were bare. We did not want any nails or paint on the walls so my mom found wall appliques. We had a jungle theme and with the carpet we added a transportation theme so the wall appliques combined both elements. The wall appliques are jungle animals on cars. Lastly, we have to add curtains. I took a photo before they went up but they are space rockets with the colours of the room (greens, browns, blues), hence the transportation theme. Its a bit eclectic because I was thinking when he gets a bit older the jungle theme will be gone and we will move into only a transportation theme. For now the room FINALLY looks child friendly. 

Here are some pictures (curtains missing and no picture of the glider and ottoman):

This board was done at our baby shower and has well wishes and pictures of me pregnant

This is our diaper changing area (that dog is our first stuffed toy bought by his god father)

These are the animals on wheels :

Here is the edge of the carpet and bed (I took down the mobile so its just lying there sorry!)

By the way, attached to the bed is a toy a friend bought. This toy is amazing. It is a fisher price projector crib toy. It has a night light and it projects 2 images that change (zebras or giraffes) and is accompanied by music. He LOVES this toy. Also you can take the top part off and there is a mirror :)

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