Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blowing off Some Steam

Dear son, can you begin to sleep through the night again? If you do you will feel better rested and wont be in a bad mood leading up to your nap. If you did have a bad night can you at least sleep until 8- 8:30? I guess you didn't get the memo that children should sleep 12 hours over the night but at least 11 would be great. Children grow while sleeping they say. By the way waking up earlier then usual and waiting for your mom to take your diaper of then going number 2 on the changing table is NOT funny.
 - Love, your utterly exhausted Momma.

Dear Huggies, you used to be my favourite diaper brand...what happened? I moved Alek to size 3 about a month ago. The size is definitely not to big and it is not to small!!! If the size is not wrong uhmm why have there been leaks during the night for 2 nights in a row? My son wakes up cold, wet and grumpy. A diaper should be able to hold 10-11 hours without leaking!!! How come the fit is now bad? Very upset and need t buy Pampers for night time now.
- The disgruntled upset customer.

Dear Johnson & Johnsons, you may be cheap and I may like your bath wash and shampoo but your baby soap and lotion have extremely strong scents. My nose is sensitive to smells and I imagine my son's is as well. Children need more milk smells and I regret buying those 2 products and am going to use Lil Goats Milk products from now on.
- Surprisingly unhappy consumer with a sensitive nose.

Dear me, I need to watch what I eat. It is RIDICULOUS that I lost my baby weight and then some and am NOW gaining a bit back. I am not suppose to revert and begin to look pregnant again when I am not
- The 5 month postpartum woman struggling to keep wearing her old pants.

Dear cat,  thank you for behaving so well yesterday but if you claw at the leather chair one more time I do not know what I will do. I will not be so nice next time and you will only get your dry food no "snacks" and fresh fish or wet food!
- The family who would like furniture that looks like it hasn't all been ruined.

Dear camera, sorry but you need to be thrown out very soon. You had your run but I cannot change batteries once a day to keep you running.
- Lady who needs a new camera

To end on a nice note

Dear family, thank you SO much for taking Alek outside for a walk so M  could take me to a resteraunt grab lunch and go to a store for 2 hours. I really needed the break.
- Forever grateful daughter.


  1. You poor thing! I hope your little one gets to sleeping better. It's miserable trying to make it through the day on no sleep. And I agree, you need a camera that doesn't take batteries :)

    1. Yep it'll be about time it's been years since I bought a camera :) Following you back

  2. wonder you're exhausted. Hope things start to settle for you and your little one soon. A new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Thanks for joing us.

    Anne Marie

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with the Meet & Greet Blog Hop!

    I use to use the nighttime Huggies for bedtime, have you tried those?

    1. Hmm no I should I just never thought of it because regular Huggies worked just fine then I tried pampers and now that I bought another box of Huggies it is leaking through. I should try them thanks for the tip!