Friday, 8 February 2013

Just Another Day

No exciting post or tips today, just a little update on whats going on at our house.

1) I am seriously researching a switch to cloth and awaiting my new "fluff". Love the explaination about cloth on this site: I ordered a 6 pack of Kawaii Heavy Duty HD2 multi-colour. After research and not being fully sure if I will cloth diaper I found this to be a cheap but very good cloth diaper. My aid in research more then any other site was a blog I fell upon accidentally: .  If I like it I will also order the flip day package and I already have a Bumkins AIO (not because of great reviews but because I assumed AIO [all in ones] are easiest to use AND because of the beyond adorable blue Dr. Seuss pattern! If I still want more and decide on cloth full time I will buy additional inserts/soakers , wetbags and prefold cloth diapers with covers. I am so excited its like waiting for my birthday as a kid!

2) I bought Huggies Goodnight disposable diapers on recommendation and in the last 4 days there has only been one leak. My son must be a super heavy wetter, jeez!

3) We are on to banana pureƩ. He makes a eww gross face but is now eating about 1 whole baby spoon. Sometimes I give him the spoon and he is not making himself gag as much as before by putting it too deep into his mouth so yay a good step in the direction of trying BLW in about a week and a half.

4) Alek had *knock on wood a million times* been sleeping better the last several nights. Waking up only 2 times or giving us a 5-6 hour stretch. I cannot wait until he is STTN again! Last week he was up sometimes as much as probably 11 times give or take (YIKES)

5) How did I forget about this until I got to number 5? What am I talking about? Teething update. A White cap can be seen through the gums in the top left front and the bottom is much less gummy you feel teeth really close to the surface. Hoping a tooth pops through in the next few days!

6) Gaining independence Alek is able to play by himself in  his crib, playpen or exersaucer for much lengthier periods now, sometimes up to around 45ish minutes. This is awesome when I am exhausted or need to clean or cook...or all 3.

7) We have a well baby appointment coming up but I decided not to wait and measured and weighed him. My darling baby is in the 95th percentile for height now! He is also in the 80th-90th percentile for weight so we may soon be saying adieu to the Fisher Price Cradle N Swing.

8) Naps. We have been taking them. Even 3 a day sometimes! Hooray!

9) Alek looks so close to crawling. He picks himself up on his arms and knees often and even tried to move his legs sometimes! Connected to this- The activity part of the activity gym will soon be hidden because he is always making it tummy time for himself and when he tries to crawl he hits himself against even the non-dangly toys like the sun at the very top of the gym.

        It has been a busy week but a pretty good week overall. Lots of new expressions, babbling, REST, games and fun. Lots of excitement and things Alek and I have learned from each other (and from others).  Also lots of help from my wonderful husband who,  as I write now and while Alek sleeps, is working at home due to the ``worst snow storm in 5 years`` (as my FIL stated).

Oh and check out the crawl position while playing by ourselves in our Pac N`Play :

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