Wednesday, 20 February 2013

First LittleEcoFootprint`s Box

    I wrote about subscribing to the LittleEcoFootprint boxes earlier, well mine arrived yesterday. (Hope I don't ruin what's inside for anyone who still hasn't got theirs).  For those needing a recap LittleEcoFootprints " is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby (newborn to 3 years), delivered to your door filled with healthy, natural and Eco-friendly products selected by real moms."

What was in the box?:

1) Gaia Baby Moisturizer samples. This product is made with certified    organic shea butter, rosehip oil and lavender, it is petrochemical free. It says to apply  a small amount whenever needed, (for best effects) on damp skin. This can also be used during diaper changes. Just add a small amount to babies' bottom and wipe clean. Yesterday I used some of this moisturizer on my son. It smells of chamomile. It is a bit strong at first but settles into quite a calming scent. This moisturizer is VERY watery. I can't say how well it moisturizes since I have used this once so I will reserve my judgement. What I liked is that not much is needed to be used each time and the scent is calming after some time. What I did not like is that the smell was WAY too strong at first, even my husband noticed it.  For more information you can visit:

2) Gaia Natural for Baby Skin Soothing lotion for baby. This lotion is enriched with calendula and lavender for soothing relief for redness and irritation. This cream is ideal for diaper rashes and for eczema. It is great for diaper changes but is for any relief of skin irritations, redness or sore skin.  This product is free from petrochemicals, artificial fragrance  mineral oils, parabens, glycols or animal ingredients. To me the scent seemed more mild and very calming and nice. I will admit that I did not read "natural for baby" and thought this was for me. I carefully put some on my scars from previous surgery and then had a strange feeling that this reminded me or diaper rash cream (it was kind of thick). Oops. Anyways this product I liked and will gladly use this on my son tomorrow and for some days to come. If interested in finding out more about this product the site is listed above.

3) The Pumkin Seed Mama Cream.A cream for moms and moms to be It moisturizes, alleviates dry and itchy skin as well as avoids or reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Uhmm where was this when I was pregnant? Or rather why didn't I know about it?! Okay there are a million creams like this but I had a good feeling about this one. I was sooo excited to try it out. Finally yesterday evening I put some on. First off the scent is very nice, a natural rose type smell, probably from the rosehip used within the ingredients. I looked at it and it looked very thick and rich. Finally I put some on my finger and it felt like whipped cream. Hmm interesting. Then I lathered some into my skin. It began to look like oil. Very cool. I can't say anything about the reduction of appearance of scars or stretch marks yet after 1 use but I have a feeling I will really like this product! Also the jar was very cute looking and feminine it was very visually appealing. Also those who bought this subscription box got 20% off of future purchases. If interested:

A sample size of:

4) Teething Bling necklace. I have mentioned this particular item before, my friend mentioned this item in her blog. She had said she really enjoyed this item and I kept meaning to buy one but never got around to it. I'm so glad this item made it into the eco-box! I have to say I was kind of expecting it because when I contacted LittleEcoFootprints with a suggestion to try this product I was told I may just be surprised with the upcoming boxes. Teething Bling by SmartMom was inspired by babies since they like to tug on jewlery. The necklaces are made of the same material as many teething toys and look fashionable for mom, and are fun for baby.  My necklace was very fitting for a February (valentine's) box. It was a bright red heart. This colour will be very appealing to Alek and I'm sure he will love it because he is always holding and examining my necklace and LOVES to chew on anything and everything! If you want to check these out the link is:

5) Caspar Babypants CD. Acoustic, timeless, sing along songs for children ages 0-6 years old. I have not tried this CD out yet. I think Alek will enjoy it more when he gets a bit older. There are 20 songs on the disc and include but are not limited to: Run baby run, Im a nut, Itsy bitsy spider and Sittin on this rock.

6) BabyOrganicJoy 5$ gift card  This store is wonderful for organic and natural products. Anything from toys, cloth diapers, maternity, to even pre-school products. This store can fit MANY of your everyday needs...and wants!

7) EcoParent Magazine. To begin with I will say I love the feel of the pages of this magazine. That may sound weird but they do not feel like other magazine pages. They feel silky nice. May be a weird statement but you try it for yourself. I just feel like taking this magazine around everywhere just so I can feel the pages (okay I'm going overboard but really they are great!). Next, there are great articles about parenting, health & beauty, books, travel, home & gardening, food, fashion and kids. Articles range from exercises for those who baby-wear  to choosing the right cloth diapers, to home eco-decor DIY,  to an article about the midwives of the Matraea Centre. Plus there are great ads for various stores that fit your daily needs and wants. This magazine will be read in depth and probably highlighted for future use and knowledge. Useful item for sure. What's also great is that there is a 20% off for subscriptions or a whopping 40% off for digital only subscriptions!

I read the cloth diaper 101 article before going to bed. It was easy to understand the different systems and I appreciated the tips from the expert moms :)

8) A little brochure from Little Eco Footprint  with the featured products/stores/brands, a recipe, 3 articles, and a playdough recipe. I'm definitely trying out the playdough recipe when the time comes!!! Also great that there is a little blurb about each product company and 20% off for some of the companies.

9) 2 sample chocolates from Mercury Chocolates. These chocolates came in a cute pink little favour box. They are made with dark pure cocoa  2% milk and some cane sugar. This companies chocolates were created to allow wineries, fine food shops and resteraunts to show their products beside wold-class pure cocoa. For those that love pure dark chocolate, they will LOVE these.

10)Hand Made Wooden Jalopy Car by Bannor Toys: This is one of my, rather probably my favourite item. I have been meaning to buy my son a toy car and now we have one! I was about to buy him some plastic car but this is eco friendly made with natural materials and is beautiful. These toys are made in Iowa and are not mass produced. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

All in all,  this box contains approximately over $55 worth of products plus codes to get 20% of certain stores/merchandise (you pay 25$ for your box). The products are great, some hit the nail right on the head with items that I need/wanted. Other products were great to learn about. There wasn't anything in there that I found actually useless or unneeded. Happy camper over here!

P.S for those wanting to join please use my affiliate url when joining : 

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