Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Waiting on Teeth

    Teething is one of the rough patches that our little ones go through. Teething is painful for them and its hard on us. Today Alek was VERY unsettled whining and wanting to be held all day. To add to this its FREEZING and windy today so no way I was going to go for our daily walk. Well... because of teething he would not sleep longer than 15 minutes which obviously made him more cranky!

   Everyone says enjoy every single second with baby. Well, I fully agree, even after days like these. I just hope that days like these are rare and the happy days where he is smiling and in a good mood are plentiful.

  Alek seems to really enjoy Sophie the Giraffe, meanwhile today the one of the other teethers (a nuby one I think) did not help. Also does not get the appeal of the key type teethers that can be chilled. Im thinking maybe a teether called  "Teething Bling" mentioned in ttp://theeyesofaboy.blogspot.ca/2013_01_19_archive.html may be a good idea to try out so that I could carry Alek or sit him on my lap and he could have a teether that he wont drop on the floor constantly!

 P.S the suspense is building, I keep checking his mouth for teeth and its beginning to feel like when you turn the kettle on and the water will take forever to boil if you stand and watch it.

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