Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Exersaucing and the Beach

On Friday I ordered an exersaucer I liked the look of on Amazon. It was a great price and seemed to have many toys unlike some of them. Right now its winter and this week with wind chill it feels like -15 to -29 depending on the day and time. Personally, I do not like cold and winter but I LOVE summer (not when pregnant, especially having been pregnant during the hottest summer in a LONG time). Anyways all this to say after looking at different products I bought a beach themed one so bring some at least fake beach and sun into Alek's environment. It is an Evenflo product called "Splash Mega"  and was on a great deal 44% of regular price. I paid $82 with free shipping and our 13% taxes. For all those not in Canada all our baby (and not baby) products are SOOOO much more expensive than in America.

Anyways, Today it arrived in a pretty big but very light box. Today Alek was in such a great mood and this made me so happy that it came so he could give it a test run! Normally I do not put things together but I was so excited that I did not wait for my husband to come home...I assembled it myself with Alek watching on from his Baby Einstein play gym that he loves. He played on it the whole entire time that I was assembling the exersaucer and washing and wiping it down.

Here it is assembled:

 It took me approximately 40 minutes to assemble and wash and rinse/wipe it down (including me being distracted to talk with Alek). The majority of this time was spent washing not assembling. My conclusion is that it assembles VERY quickly, which is awesome. It also is not hard to assemble except the legs are hard to push down... or maybe in weak or something. Though I'm sure all excersaucers assemble similarly, I cant speak to assembling others since I have never done so.

  Sooo.. Its assembled and I sit Alek in it after adjusting the height just right. Well he seemed excited not to be sitting or lying. Or maybe I was excited that he could stand AND my back would get a break. ....minutes pass and he is just sitting there. I show him the toys and how they work but he just sits there content to just stand leaning over and looking somewhere far of. HUH?

Then  my cat comes down and wont step away from the exersaucer. He loved it!

    In all reality I don't know what I was expecting, there are many toys and he was standing without me holding him I think he was just overwhelmed. Right before I took him out he began looking at the toys and examining them. I think once he gets used to being in there and balancing all the while playing he will love it!

    Review from my point of view. This exersaucer has a snack tray and place for a sippy cup (not relevant at least for another month but very awesome). It has a mirror for him to see himself.  Seven colourful beach themed toys (sandcastles, fish, starfish, sand dollars, and a pail). (see the pictures above)

    The toys allow for different learning and playing experiences  putting hanging toys in the pail (string very short so not dangerous), rattle, spinning toys, moving small pieces from one end to the other and wobbling toys. I love how versatile the toys are though I wish one toy squeaked or played a song. My son loves sounds and music and this product does not have it.

    The exersaucer isn't only for boys though it is mainly blue but it has orange as a secondary colour and let's face it all things that are gender neutral are more "boyish" looking.

     I'm going to try this exersaucer out later with him again but I have to say he didn't ask to come out of it. With the rocker seat or swing he gets bored quickly but he was in here 20-30 minutes and he didn't ask for  me to take him out, which is awesome and my back thanks this product.


....About 7 hours have gone by and I still haven't posted this blog. I've been taking a stroller walk and playing with Alek... cooking, feeding and the other daily activities. Anyways we tried it out again and I think I was right he was just too overwhelmed last time. This time he played with the toys really liking the spinning the sun. Overall... very pleased with this product and yes he did spend another 40 minutes in  it playing and listening to me read.

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