Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ready or not..

     Well today my son showed such obvious signs he is ready for solids they could not be ignored. As my husband and I ate he kept moving closer and just staring inside out mouths at times chewing his hand all the while. All the other signs are there as well.  Ready or not mommy but give me solids.We already decided that his first food would be sweet potato. Why? Uhhmmm it is extremely high in nutritional value vitamin A, beta carotene, potassium, vitamin E, folate and fiber and so on. An amazing site that should be a bible for baby food for all mom is : and it says  "The Nutrition Action Health Letter rated 58 vegetables by adding up the percentages of USRDA for six nutrients (Vitamins A and C, folate, iron, copper, and calcium), plus fiber. Sweet Potatoes topped the list with a whopping 582 points; its nearest competitor, a raw carrot came in at 434."  The site also claims : "These wonderful vegetables are a great first baby foods,(even for the early solid food starter)."  The second reason I really like this choice as a first food is that we call him our sweet potato so it has an emotional meaning too that makes me smile.

     Since it is late today and tomorrow my husband is away we decided to try a sweet potato pureé thinned with breast milk on Saturday  If he likes it we will continue with solid food if he doesn't we will wait another week or 2 before trying solid food again. The plan is sweet potato then avocado then probably squash and well I haven't thought what will be a first food but I`m really getting ahead of myself. I haven`t even assembled and read all the instructions to the baby bullet that my wonderful husband bought. (Yes in baby items I say this is a useless item. Why do I have it? I had no other food processor so I needed one and I said it is useless only if you already have a food processor.Its also nice to have the little book with the information about starting solids and recipes but I prefer the site above! Also the cube freezer trays and refrigerator jars are nice but could be bought cheap without buying the whole product.). Anyways now I know what I will be doing tonight or tomorrow night. 
 This whole starting solids thing is very exciting and yet there is momentary sadness, and shock on my part. I'm excited because this is another milestone another first. I'm sad because time is flying so fast. I'm shocked he's in the age he can start solids. I also heard that diaper changes are no fun after the start of solids. Also I was hoping to make it to the recommended 6 month mark for starting solids. Why not wait till the 6 month mark then? Well he is OBVIOUSLY ready and beyond interested. Today it was VERY obvious even my mom commented that he has never been been this interested he was watching all the food, the family eating, trying to look in everyone's mouthsall the while pretending to chew (copying the chewing mouth movement) and looking fascinated. I have read to look for cues, what makes reaching a specific day in life make a baby more ready to start solids than the day before? Not all people are cookie cutters and do everything at the same point in time. He is about 3 weeks shy of 6 months but he is very ready. We will try solids on Saturday and I will update then how it went! 

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