Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gender Intuition

Some people have amazing gender intuition, meanwhile others like me...DON'T. I was sitting today playing with my son and remembered something. A little under one year ago we were at a Bris for a family friend of my In Laws and a family member of the In Laws came up and said you better be having a boy we have to many girls in the family and smiled. In my head I was like "Well buddy your going to be disappointed". I was in my fourth month of pregnancy and was SURE I was having a girl. Now let me clarify this is my first child and I did not care whether my child was a boy or girl I just had a feeling I was pregnant with a girl. Anyways a week before my ultrasound I started having thoughts, very vivid ones about what if its a boy and how shocked will I be if I find out its a boy.

The day of my ultrasound came around and lo and behold I find out I am carrying a son not a daughter. I wasn't really shocked, surprised yes but not shocked. I guess those thoughts prepared me. Man oh man was my gender intuition wrong...it must have been broken. I think when I get pregnant again someday I would be to scared to be sure about my intuition because I was so wrong this time.

By the way for those who are reading Wives Tales (such as the way I was carrying)- many were wrong for me. The Chinese Calendar that claims to be 98% effective was wrong. Also the baking soda test was wrong for me.

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