Tuesday, 22 January 2013


   As I watch my son's hair get thicker and thicker each day it makes me smile. It's so cute and he looks different each week. His hair is coming in lighter then mine but darker than my husband's with a reddish light brown look and the funniest thing is that its growing in way thicker in the middle and much less on the sides! Then again this makes sense because he was born with much thicker and longer hair on the top. When there is static his hair stands up almost as though he has a mohawk!    

   As this is going on my own hair is quickly falling out (one of the joys of being postpartum). Everyone told me this would happen but it started out late for me and I guess that may be why its still falling out with a vengeance. Now if that wasn't enough my lil man loves to pull on my hair. Well that's why we can make ponytails, no? Well he has the gift of finding the one stray hair and pulling it out. I'm hoping this stops soon or else he's going to have gorgeous hair and I'll have a few strands left. Yikes!

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