Friday, 25 January 2013

Catching Zzzz's

       You don't really know how precious sleep is until you become a parent. Sorry men but the women who breastfeed appreciate it double because breastfeeding makes you WANT to sleep so bad but you cant. Sometimes I admit I used to get so mad seeing my peacefully sleeping husband at 3 a.m and I on the other hand am breastfeeding again for the 5th time of the night. The first few weeks are tough.

     I'm sure ill look back on these nights with a smile and when my child is a teen ill remember how dependent he was and miss it but for now quite frankly on some days i am just so exhausted. to add to it I don't drink coffee and limit my tea so he doesn't get to much caffeine but lets face it a cup of strong coffee would do me good right about now

    Later on you child teaches you again to value your sleep when he or she goes through a growth spurt or the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Yikes! You thought the first few week were tiring well it royally sucks when you know and have seen your child sleep through the night but then he/she regresses back to the schedule of a newborn. Although some babies do not reach the sleeping through the night phase and just regress to an even worse schedule.

     Last night Alek slept 2 hours (during which it was to early for me to go to bed) then I just got into bed almost fell asleep and he woke.  Ughh I knew then and there it was going to be a hard night since his first stretch of sleep is usually his longest. After that he was up every 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Oh and he was STARVING each time. I don't know how, but my son sure can eat!

      I wrote in his journal that I've kept since the day I found out I was pregnant "I think we are out of the four month sleep regression" this was 2 days ago. He had been sleeping 6.5-8.5 hours for his first stretch of sleep again like before the sleep regression. Well I guess I jinxed it. Though the culprit may be the teething (one tooth I see the cap of and 1 you can see progressively lowering each day) or a growth spurt since he is nearing 6 months and that's one of the major growth spurts and he hits growth spurts slightly earlier usually. One way or another I hope he naps well and begins sleeping at night normallyt so that he isn't grumpy and we can play. He is normally so smiley and laughs so much and I know he is exhausted too. Meanwhile for now I'm going to enjoy this bump in the road but hope it passes quickly... like tonight!
For new moms or those who are exhausted as well:

Everything baby does is a stage, treasure them all but hope the hard ones go by quickly and the fun ones last long

Sleep when baby sleeps if possible

Try and ensure your child naps because good sleep begets good sleep

Fresh air helps put baby to sleep so a walk a day if possible is great

If you need caffeine have a little

When feeding sit as comfortably as you can so your body rests at least

Remember they are waking to eat more sometimes because of a growth spurt or because they are trying to catch up on the food they missed during the day because they were distracted and learning

That's all I can think of now I'm so tired so I know I'm missing other points. Hug baby close these moments will be over with way too fast and you wont have a baby on your hands anymore but a growing and increasingly independent child. (Breathe in the baby scent as often as you can  I can already imagine how much I'll miss it)
P.S for those who co-sleep :

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