Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bring on the Food.... Or Should We?

  Well today we tried out our first solids. Yeah, yeah I know I said Saturday but life got away from us. Yesterday was a busy busy day and well I can't say I'm sad since this just meant that he was one day closer to six months when we gave him his first food. So this morning my husband took a walk with our little one and I cleaned the house and the baby bullet and put the sweet potato in the oven to cook. As the sweet potato cooked we played with our little sweet potato he was thoroughly enjoying playing with two of his toys in his crib and attempting to crawl around while we talked to him. Then I took the sweet potato out since it has to cool off before pureeing. During this time I prepped the high chair (found the table for the high chair), found a bib and of course got our camera and video camera ready. Since I have been feeding our son since day 1, M was going to do his first solid feed. Then the potato cooled off and I added the sweet potato and breast milk to the baby bullet and ta-da the pureé was ready in 10 or so seconds.
    So we sat Alek down in his highchair pulled it up from the semi lying newborn position to the fully seated position, strapped him in and put the table in place and the bib on.

My husband sat down in front of him with the bowl and spoon and I was ready with the camera and video camera. We were both excited and Alek seemed happy and excited too, he was smiling and kept reaching out. Well the first spoon went in his mouth a bit and we saw his expressiong change to....well maybe not disgust but a very obvious EWW. Well we decided to try a few more times and he kept sticking his fingers in his mouth and licking the sweet potato while making a grossed out face. He didn`t cry but he did NOT seem to like it. I then tried to feed him one a tiny bit and it went in...and then came out!
  We then decided to take him out and I gave him to spoon slightly coated in  sweet potato to play with and so that he could learn to hold a spoon. Well he put the spoon in his mouth and he made the same EWW face but kept biting the spoon so maybe he was getting used to the taste?

   Overall we tried about 4ish "spoons" of which he actually ate maybe 1/4 of a BABY spoon so not much. I was never planning to feed him as much as I had put in that bowl...that was just so that the picture would not look funny with under a teaspoon of food in it. Anyway, the plan is to try again tomorrow if we get another reaction like today we will give him a break of 1-3 weeks and then try again when he is bigger.

P.S Yesterday my mom taught me a simple knitting pattern so I could make Alek a scarf for next winter. It's going VERY slowly but I feel excited and maybe if it works out I can make him a matching hat!

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