Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mystery Fluff

 Lately I am really into mystery mail. I'm loving my little Eco Footprint subscription boxes but itching to try out more baby or family friendly subscription boxes. I have my eye on the Baby Bag from Baby Bum. Anyways...As you all now, right now I have a little love affair going on with fluff (cloth diapers) so what could be better then mystery fluff?

   What is mystery fluff? You choose a price range and a package is sent to you with equal to or up to 10$ more worth of fluff (not including shipping of course).  This mystery fluff is offered at a GREAT cloth diaper store called Kissed By The Moon. They always have a large choice of great brands and have amazing deals and even giveaways. Actually they had a twitter and facebook party for reaching 10,000 fans and I won a pair of custom made Baby Roman undies for  my little. There are a few other cloth diaper stores and subscription boxes  that do something similar but not like this. What's so great about what they offer? You can choose "original" fluff which is a mix of diapers and accessories, the accessories fluff, only diapers, or "loved" fluff which is mystery fluff containing pre-loved diapers. Also now you can choose the monthly subscription instead of 1 time. This mail is customized by weight and gender and you can add requests or other information you find will be helpfull in putting you package together.

   I will go off on a tangent for a second. I searched far and wide for something even remotely similar in Canada and can you imagine not one store does this?! They really should, makes me want to open up my own store!!!

  Anyways. In my comments I left some need to know info, such as that my  son is big for his age, I like snaps my husband likes hook and loop, then I wrote which diapers I have and said I want to try out something completely new (such as Tots Bots). I chose the butterfly package meaning I paid 40$ and 10$ shipping.  Anyways I ordered on the 2nd and the package was shipped on the 3rd. The waiting game started and I was super excited. Next thing I know (Yeah right the week was tough with him teething and cutting his first tooth!!!- yes I have mentioned this in  my last post but I'm uber excited, he was been teething for 4.5 months already) it is the 9th and a package arrived. I was a bit confused but then I read it was from Kissed by the Moon, imagine my surprise. So what do I do? Give Alek a toy, forget whatever was cooking, grab the package and rip  it open of course!

   So out of the package I pull out 2 diapers. Anyone care to guess what they were? I was hoping for a Tots Bots London print..or turnips, I wanted to try out the Swaddlebee's Simplex in the dino print, something bamboo or a prefold and the Blueberry Coveralls. ....Anyways.... I got the Tots Bots London print (WOW) and the Swaddlebee's Simplex 2.0 in a swirl print. Oh and a liner was hidden in one of the diapers! Uhm can we say mind  reader! I bet if I hadn't chosen gender neutral I would have gotten the dino print!

How cute is the dino print!

     You think 2 diapers and a liner arent worth the 50 bucks I ultimately paid? Did you know Tots Bots was a UK company and this diaper runs for $25? Also Swaddlebee's seem to be rare in Canadian Cloth stores  but probably would run for about 25$ since the O/S goes for 29$! So yeah it was worth it even without the nice  bonus of the liner. Would I buy again? A better question is, will my husband let me?

Do you like surprise mail?


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  2. My kids are all grown now... nearly... 19 and 16. But I remember using cloth diapers and it was a huge savings considering the price of a bag of disposables. To supplement my supply, as the outlay can be huge (great to start them with your first child to get most use over the long haul), I went to second hand baby clothing stores and consignments stores to load up on a base supply. They were much cheaper and generally easily sanitized for your use. I love getting surprises in the mail and the cloth diapers you got in your box was a very good value and they are so cute! I also used my cloth mostly at home because in some cases they just weren't practical to travel with. I think they are better for the environment too. When your baby starts swimming... look for baby pool pants and invest in a pair... they usually come in 3 sizes for baby development stages. They are nylon breathable material on the outside.. kinda like parachute material and cotton on the inside. Pools find this very acceptable... they sell them in our local pool here. I wish you every success on motherhood and your baby. Enjoy it all and you're doing the right thing with cloth!
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