Monday, 8 April 2013

Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo

     This weekend was the  Hamilton Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo. I was super excited to go. I whined about plans being changed and my super amazing husband grumbled but  took us even though he had game tickets. We drove the hour to the event and Alek acted so so well in the car, sitting quietly looking out of the rear window or sleeping!
        What I learned was that I should not have purchased tickets ahead of time because I paid full price and at the door they were 2 for 1, oh well that's 7$ I'll never see again but even still it's a great price to attend an event like this, and next time I'll know to buy tickets at the door.

   We came late because we had still been discussing plans in the morning so we weren't part of the first 200 guests that god goody bags. Even still vendors were giving away samples  and brochures and we still got quiet a bit of stuff to try out, including Arbonne products, a Buncha Farmers stain stick, Punkin Butt teething oil, baby bottles, creams, vitamins and so on.

When we  walked inside we immediately saw the changing table area. It was awesome that the event had those but it was very close to the door and it isn't hot outside yet, I wish they were further away. On the other hand it was amazing to have the tables and I was pleasantly surprised to see wipes there for everyone to use, 2 different types  including Bamboo baby. I have been wanting to try these wipes out before (yes I use cloth wipes at home but my husband doesn't plus I use disposable when on the go), it was also awesome that I got a sample of these from a vendor in a baby sample bag!

  The place was packed!!! There was a fun area set up for toddlers to play, a vendor had an arts and crafts type tables for children and there were demonstrations, events and the like to keep toddlers busy. There was a cafe set up were you could get some food or beverages on the go. There was a breastfeeding area which was great. But  best of all were the various vendors from children's furniture, doulas, children's saving funds, clothing, cloth diaper stores and services, childrens' general/toy stores, the police, slings and all things children galore, mommys were not forgotten either. Questions were answered information given and new options presented and products shown for all parents and future parents, great food for thought. Oh and I almost forgot about the complementary photo booth and the raffle for giveaways that most vendors had!

    I really enjoyed the Nature Bumz display. The owner was very nice, answered questions and knew her products well. Her booth was nicely organised, with many products but was set up in a way that it was not intimidating or felt like too much. She gave me a sample of Punkin Butt teething oil and Buncha Famers stain stick. I am super excited to try out the teething oil since......Alek FINALLY had a tooth pop out after the bad nights and teething pains!!!! I hope this teething oil will help make the next appearence of a tooth less painful. Nature Bumz had a great big giveaway (with fluff and a carrier!) that they had a raffle open for. The booth had a wide range of cloth diapers, balms, swimwear, wetbags, recycled plastic toys (cool plane submarine etc.), bink links and the list just goes on. I bought a Stay Dry Grovia snap in insert and Grandma El's Diaper Balm. During the expo all the items were tax free! I love that mommy's to be could SEE and TOUCH modern cloth and see it is nothing like it used to be and the owner even offered to show a diaper change. 

    The Springy's area was very cool also. There were so many cool baby items: bassinets, swaddles, toys, strollers. We found a toy accordion and spin top that my husband found awesome so bought those. The accordion is for ages 7+ so Alek still has some time before he gets some use out of it  but it was awesome and we couldn't just walk by. Plus they had Wheely Bugs which look like the coolest present to get a 1-3 year old! Oh, and items were 10-15% off during the expo.

  Another cool vendor was Nest Above My Chest. This vendor sells slings, she is one of very few who can sell these slings. The slings have gorgeous prints and have a pure silk option. I told her I always kind of felt weary of slings and have never tried one. I worried they wouldn't feel sturdy. She put one on me adjusted it and we put Alek in to see how I liked it. It felt awesome, sturdier then I imagined it would (I even felt like I could let my hands down and not hold him). A big bonus is Alek didn't cry, he normally hates being in carriers and I tried to put him in a sling like contraption once and he lost it. If I have another baby when Alek is still small I will definitely want to invest in a sling, its so much lighter then carrying them in your arms (plus you can multitask with this because you can have your hands free). 

Lastly, here is a picture from the photobooth:

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  1. Looks like fun! I love those wheely bugs; they are too cute!