Friday, 12 April 2013


     I have said before that this time period is so fun and exciting (let's be truthful it is VERY tiring too- but aren't all stages tiring for one reason or another?). Alek plays, laughs, can hold his head up, is trying solids, can communicate in ways other than crying, babbles etc etc. One of my favourite things about this age (last 2 months and until ?)  is how full of firsts its been!

  In the past week or so Alek has been very busy. You all read about his becoming mobile, but that's not all! About 2 days after crawling for the first time he began pulling up on anything and everything. I now basically run around like a chicken with its head cut off chasing him, saying NO, distracting him, picking him up and carrying him away and the like. I have failed and the dogs bowl of water has  been turned over, the cats tail pulled, a bag of disposable wipes played with, the underside of the carpet licked or just turned over. I have also had some success stopping him from pulling the cats tail, getting into the cats bowl, keeping him away from the copper table that he keeps trying to pull up on... and yeah. The list of failures look longer but the list of successes was hard fought for and very important. Each day he crawls faster, further and pulls up more and finds more places to pull up on.

   His mobility is not the only new "first" in the last week of so. We finally cut a tooth after almost 4 months of hard teething. No wonder he has had some bad nights this week. He is also getting another tooth soon enough, its a waiting game.

   His talking has increased. At the baby expo while changing his diapers he was having a full on conversation which kept getting louder and louder, which thankfully the other woman changing her newborns diapers found to be extremely adorable. It was!

He also got to go on the swings for the first time:

   He has also tried new foods, though the whole food business is not a great one. I may just breastfeed him till he's 30 since he just does not like anything. JOKING JOKING. That would NOT be okay! And well I'm exhausted so I may be missing something but yeah life is very busy and exciting. I find he is already getting a very strong personality and it's interesting, frustrating and awesome to see.

For your amusement:


  1. Those are my favorite baby years. I love the excitement they have about every new discovery.

  2. haha so funny about nursing :) and you are not kidding about being busy! my youngest just started walking ...i prolonged it as long as i could!!

  3. That's my favorite age! Cannot wait to experience it with my little guy :)

    *I found your blog through the Mommy Moments blog hop*

  4. Sounds like he is doing good! I remember how happy I was when my little one would try to new foods! Now, at almost 3, she is so stinkin' picky! I love that pic of him in the swing. He looks lso snug and warm :o) Hopefully we will be getting warmer temps. soon!

  5. How fun! Firsts are always a joy to experience! Following from the Fun Friday Blog Hop! Stop by my blog hop and Show Off your favorite posts all weekend! I look forward to seeing you :)

    The Wondering Brain