Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April's Little Eco Footprints Box

        With the craziness of every day life while the family is sick, I keep putting off announcing what was in my Eco Footprints Box that I opened  a week ago! This time I had to pick up the box in the post office, there was a bit of an issue but yet again the ladies from Little Eco Footprints dealt with it promptly. What was in it? What was this months surprise? So here goes the box:

This month's goodies include:

1) Prana Snacks Trail Mix (Machu Pichu): So I opened the box picked this up and started eating it. It was so delicious!!! I escpeccially loved the sour unique taste of the goldenberries. Other ingredients included: European pumpkin seeds, goji berries, raisans, brasil nuts, almonds etc. This really is worth getting. It sounds a bit pricey at $5 a 250 gram bag but when you think about it, it really isnt. Nuts and exotic fruit don't come cheap and $5 for 250 grams of organic wholesome goodness is really not that much. I was also excited to find out that you can get $10 off your purchases at the Prana website, problem is you need a $50 order and thats way too much snacks and knowing me they will disappear faster then they really should! (By the way I love that its made right here in Canada - support companies from where you live!).

2)Wee Woolies Hat- This also caught my eye straight away It was soft. I loved the bright turqoise colour. It is made of 100% merino wool. I washed it and it shrunk about 3 times and got a slight fuzzy look. The hat still fits my son but not for to long but most 0-12 month hats do not fit him anymore. The fit is great, I love how it looks on him.

3) Smith Farms Lip Tint- It is a nice raspberry like colour. The case is thin. Made with natural ingredients and void of nasty chemicals that overfill the ingredients of mainstream make-up. (By the way my favourite lip balm that works wonders is made by the company Eco Nuts)

4)Wood "Boomerang" Toy- My son wasn't over the moon with this toy but liked it. It was very plain and does not exactly look like a boomerang but it is a good natural toy that can hold up having teeth sunken in.

5) Earth Berries (Soap Nuts)- This is a sample bag that includes a satchel to put the soap nuts in. You can add a drop of essential oil in for a scent if you like your laundry to have a smell since soap nuts leave no trace of their having done their job. I have spoken at leagnth before about soap nuts so this was a welcome surprise.

6) $7 Giftcard to  Maple Hills Dryer Balls. I love dryer balls so this is nice to have in case I need some  more.

Also as always there was a little brochure from the ladies behind Little Eco Footprints including a few interesting articles and great coupon codes.

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