Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Baby on the Go!

     This post will be short and sweet. I am beyond excited...then again I am exhausted thinking of whats to come. My son has begun crawling!!! For over a month and a half he was getting up on all fours, then he began rocking and I kept thinking any day any day. Then he just continued to rock. Then came lifting one hand while rocking, then the other. Then he learned to move his legs but this movement was not coordinated with his hands. Of course we had the crab crawl down, he moved backwards rather then forwards. I should have expected things but somehow I was so shocked.

      In Alek's baby journal I write, on March 18th , "he scoots and crawls every chance he gets, he still is not full out crawling (though he can move a few millimeters forward).". Next thing I know on March 23rd I am writing that you crawled about half the carpet length forward. JUST that morning you could not crawl. Now you crawl though you need to have some stimulus like your favourite sheep toy or the cat. When I cal,l you forward you give me a sly smile and stop. You have even learned to pull up and get onto your knees by yourself  You are mobile!!! You are growing wayyyy too fast!

When did your child become mobile? Did they crawl or walk first?


  1. Congratulations! My twins are 6 months. They are at the rocking, on all fours stage. I'm actually praying they don't crawl for a while. I'm not ready for 2 crawlers in our teeny, crowded apartment!

  2. Thanks :) Today has been one hard day so yeah I can't imagine 2 mobile. He's been crawling to the cat trying to pet him but pulling fur out instead, upturning carpets, trying to pull himself up. Its easier to carry him around then run interference but still super exciting to reach this milestone.

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