Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pureés That Have Alek`s Seal of Approval

    Don't have much time? This does not mean you have to resort to jarred or pouched baby food if you don't want to. There are quick, easy, yummy, cheap options that can be made by you. Of course not all pureés only take several minutes, some need quite some cooking time.

(keep in mind it is recommended to try single items first and to give several days of only one new food to be able to identify an allergy if there is one)

Raw Apple with Carrot
     First, you grate a carrot on the smallest grater option. I grated 1/2 a small carrot (not baby carrot).Then i took out the actual carrot pieces leaving the juice (you can  press down on the carrot pieces to squeeze out the juice then remove the actual carrot pieces). Next I took an organic apple (I personally used Ambrosia, it was a sweet apple, not tart- babies prefer sweet tastes since breast milk is sweet though it isn't necessary to only use sweet apples).{ Apples are counted as one of the "dirty dozen" by the EWG ( http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/) so organic is preferred for baby  (really anyone but at least for baby). The dirty dozen is a list of products which are very contaminated with pesticides. There is also a list of foods less contaminated with pesticides then the average food.} Next, I cut off a fourth of an apple and skinned it. Then I also grated the apple on the smallest grater option. Lastly I added a little bit of boiled water (few tablespoons) to thin it out, you can also add some cereal in to slightly thicken the pureés texture. I mixed the ingredients and I got a light orange colour. The puree was thin without chunks. There you go the puree is done. Good for baby. Quick for mommy (or daddy) to make. My son made a face at first then ate about 1- 1 1/2 tablespoons and he does NOT enjoy solids. Hence I count this to be a success.

Banana with Cereal

     The only thing that has gone better so far for Alek then the apple and carrot pureé is banana with some oat cereal mixed in. All you need is a banana and some oat or other type of cereal (grain, wheat if older in age) that is meant to be mixed with water. I have noticed my son only eats pureés if they are warm, this means I need to add boiled water to room temperature ingredients. If they are room temperature it is a no go straight away. He just will not eat more then the first bite. So I have the cereal that I mix with boiled water and I just add a banana to that mix. What do you do? You take a small chunk of raw banana, mash it with fork until there are no chunks left and it looks almost brownish yellowy in colour and thin looking. Then add in some plain oat cereal [I used the Gerber brand] and boiled water. {I bought the Gerber brand oat cereal meant to be mixed with water rather then breast milk. Also I bought this when they were on sale and I bought 3 for $10. I have been using the oat cereal package almost 2 weeks just about each day and I still have more then half the package. Plus I waste a lot of this cereal because I make to much trying to make a good consistency and I don't use a spoon to scoop it out but rather pour it out (bad idea, use a spoon).} Anyways, then I mixed the three together creating a fast quick and enjoyable recipe. To add to the nutrition in the banana, cereal is fortified with iron so your child gets their daily iron. This recipe takes all of about 3 minutes to make and this way I know there are no preservatives or salt or sugar added inside. 

    Of course many recipes are much harder and more time consuming but you can make a few on the weekends and freeze or refrigerate them to feed during the week.  Frozen pureés remain good for many weeks or months. Or you can use jars as well as making your own food, you don't have to choose only one or the other. Other really fast choices to make include: avocado (mash with a potato masher or fork and voila), or mashing a boiled apple or sweet potato or squash or really any fruit or vegetable that boils or bakes quickly. For creative and fun recipes http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/stage1_homemade_baby_food_recipes.htm can be checked out. This website has stage one simple recipes like those I just mentioned as well as recipes for older infants hence making the recipes more complex and including more texture and ingredients. 

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