Sunday, 24 March 2013

Are you an EcoParent?

       Do you care about your child's health. Of course you do! Do you care about the horrible amount of toxins and chemicals added into your child's items, including: food, clothing, toys. bedding? DO you know how many  chemicals and toxins are in our environment? You may. You may not. You may not have cared before you had your child. I know I never gave a second thought to toxins and as bad as it sounds, but the environment until I gave birth. Birthing Alek has not only resulted in  his birth but to an extent a rebirth of me. This may sound weird but I have REALLY changed in the way I view the world and myself and others.

       We all want a clean, good world for our children to live in. I want my child not to live in a toxic wasteland. Moreso I do not want my grandchildren or great grandchildren paying for all of our mistakes. Now Im not going to go overboard and never use plastic containers or use plastic bags and so on, but why not cut down? Why not find out how and what we can do to decrease our eco footprint if only just a little. No I don't mean never use plastic bottles again, but do just a little bit where you can. Even if your really not interested in this because its "hard or is time consuming", you are interested in your childs health! Do you enjoy a quick read with great tips. If you are then a wonderful magazine to get is EcoParent.

         The first time I heard about EcoParent was just over a month ago. I excitedly opened my LittleEcoFootprints box and what lay inside? Other then many other goodies, there lay a great copy of EcoParent for my reading pleasure. The magazine was a fast read. It drew me in and I finished it right before bed. The magazine had many colourful images, great articles on various subjects and great Canadian ads for stores and products. There were many great articles but the one that stood out was a cloth diapering 101. I had JUST started cloth diapering and this article hit the nail on the head. I loved the tips and loved how simply it explained all the cloth diapering systems, their pros and cons. What I loved most of all though was that there was several tips from the experts. Another great thing was the ads. Often when I search for a cloth diaper store or really any store I get the American stores which is great and all but Im in Canada and need options where shipping wont cost an arm and a leg because its coming from another country. I loved that there was a magazine with CANADIAN information, because most great magazines are tailored for the American reader. This is often not a problem at all but when looking for a store close to home or a problem that is specificcally Canadian or needs a solution for a Canadian parent (for example prenatal care) the American books and magazines can`t help out.

      Then about 3 weeks ago I was contacted by the magazine. They were asking whether I would like to review the magazine and I agreed to do an honest review. I was sent an online version of another issue. To begin with, the world is becoming more and more technologically savvy and is drawn more to the screen then the page, and EcoParent has that option. You can subscribe to the carbon copy or the online version. Its great to have that choice. Plus if you dont want to spend much on a magazine, the price is cheaper for the computer version. Plus for those who are eco minded and for those who are technologically savvy you can save trees and read of a screen, plus its nice not to have to many magazines lying around your home all the time

   This new issue that I was sent had great information from various topics, plus interesting stores advertised (Yes I have checked many of them out and found oh too many things I want to buy). I loved the tip on children`s snack for the summer. The magazine featured a wonderful substitute for fake dye filled popsicles...not to give to much away but isn`t banana yummy and so much healthier! (Don`t worry some other ingredients keep this snack sweet and not TOO healthy that your child asks for candy instead!). Have questions about  or want to learn about midwives? Breastfeeding? Natural labour? baby products? New School Programs? Schools?  Food choices (Superfoods)? Even fashion, Eco Fashion that is! These are just a few of the great topics. No your don't have to be super crunchy to enjoy these articles you just have to enjoy learning and finding out new information, tips and recipes.

    What I did not like about the magazine? ...Nothing really pops to mind. I really liked the snack recipe and it would be great to have more of that or craft or DIY ideas?

So, will you be an EcoParent?

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  1. I try to be a Eco Mom and so to help me I will have to check out this magazine thanks for sharing it with us.