Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March LittleEcoFootprints box has come in! (update)

      So this month these boxes were shipped yesterday and as you can see I already have mine in my hands Fast huh? I was expecting my nighttime cloth diaper order but got a great surprise at my door (other then the fact that the doorbell woke up the little who was sleeping in the pram bassinet). I opened the door and saw a black car who pointed, I looked down and saw two boxes. My fluff and a mystery box! What was it. I was confused so naturally I opened that box first even though I was dying to get my hands on the diapers, the mystery won out. I opened it and what do I find? Pink wrapping tissue paper and a LittleEcoFootprints Happy Easter brochure! Yay! Naturally this is when Alek woke up :( grrr. I ran to get him change his diaper and then we began opening our surprise.

So I've wasted a whole paragraph on prepping you. You probably want to just know whats inside right? Sorry no pictures of it nicely wrapped because I was too excited. Here goes:

1) A Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick - Wow this is awesome. I almost bought this a few weeks ago and have really wanted to try this out. Very nice surprise. Heard great things about this product. May do a product review when I get the chance to use this!

2)  Crayon Rocks (Spring Colours)- Love the idea of these. What are they? Natural soy wax crayons made from U.S soybeans. The shape allows little fingers to grasp and colour in large and wide strokes. The colours are pink, green and yellow. Would love to get more when my son gets old enough to use them. No use yet for a 7 month old but I'm sure they will be gone soon enough when he gets old enough to use them.

3)10$ off next purchase from Boske Kids- This is a Canadian children clothing company. Sizes good for children up to 6 years old. The clothing is made of all natural fibers from Peru, using low impact eco-friendly dyes. The designs are Canadian but the items are made in Peru. Very cute clothing and great materials. Hoping to put this to good use very soon!

Update: Beautiful items in this store, VERY expensive but VERY nice!

4) 2 Samples from Carré Jaune - The samples include 2 Body and Face Foam Wash bottles . Also you can find a code for 15% off future purchases inside the brochure. Carré Jaune makes skincare products for children. These products use 100% natural ingredients with no parabens, petrochemicals, essential oils or "funky stuff", instead using fruit extracts, calendula oil, shea butter and vitamin E. If you read the brochure it recommends using this product as well as the matching moisturizer in treating eczema.

Update: Tried this item out and am quite disappointed. Happy I hadn't purchased a whole foam wash and then didn't like it. The ink/dye on the bottle washes off in water (HUH- its supposed to be bath stuff hence around water) my hands and my brand new mum2mum light blue washcloth got stained. Then I finally got some on another washcloth without staining it (that took some maneuvering ) and it didn't lather so well (maybe because the washcloth was muslin?) but I have noticed before that foam products don't lather too well.

John Masters Sample inside as well

5) Eco Jot Height Chart - This is a nice chart using 100% post consumer recycled waste and is made in Canada. It is Very cute and I like that I can write his name in, a date and age. The only issue is it starts at 26 inches so this may make it uncomfortable to hang on the wall accurately, otherwise it is great just takes some measuring before hanging. Included in the brochure is 10% off a $30 future purchase.

6) Sample John Master Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash - Lovely scent. This product is eco-friendly and can be used on hair, skin or body. I will be trying this out tonight hopefully! Also enjoy 20% off of a future purchase.
Update: Smells amazing, lathers well, definitely like this stuff! Plus a bath makes a mom feel like a princess any day but this makes things even better!

7) First Food Organics -  This Canadian product sounds wonderful. Healthy snacks for children are important because let's face it, we all love to snack! This snack is for 12 months up so this was not included in our shipment, that is why we received 2 Carré Jaune samples. Included in the brochure is a 15% off code.

8) Mum 2 Mum Foam Washers -  This company makes many bath and baby supplies including change mats, hooded towels, bibs and foam washers.  I got a white, blue and pink foam washer pack. Will be trying this out soon. They are amazingly soft. The pink one will be held on for the future though :)

Update: These are great. Thick cut, very soft. I love the light colours we received!

9)  The brochure - Tips on treating eczema, avoiding BPA, daily nutrition (for mom), boosting milk production and how to keep your pantry free of artificial dyes and flavours included. Excited to get a moment to read the tips especially the last one!

Overall a lovely box.  This box is more age tailored then last time, hence we did not receive one of the products, received 2 of another. My son is 7 months old hence the snack item was left out since he would be unable to enjoy it, while the foam wash was age appropriate. It is not sex tailored yet but that`s okay since most of the items are not very gender specific. None of these products I have tried and am excited to see which ones I will fall in love with!


  1. I've never heard of this box. But it looks really cool! I love the crayon rocks. That seems like a nice box to get.

  2. It is its a Canadian box subscription if your in Canada and you or anyone you know is interested : There is something similar in America too I have just forgotten the name. Love the anticipation and surprise. I know its coming every month but the 2 months I have recieved it somehow I had no clue this was coming already and was SO surprised when I opened them.

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I like that the boxes are more tailored this time. I did receive the foods in my box. I have an almost 9 month old and a 2.5 year old but not the washer.
    I also did an unboxing.

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  6. How nice to get so many treats in one box. :)

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